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Uploading Ski Property to nidski.com

Uploading your ski property to nidski is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Promote your ski apartments and chalets with us in 3 simple steps.


Select your ski property package

Select your ski estate agent package on www.nidski.com


Create your ski estate agent or developer account

Create your ski estate agent account on nidski.com

STEP 3 - uploading property the easy way

Upload your property by XML feed. We currently accept XML feeds from XML2U, Ubiflow, Apimo and Rightmove V3

Your agent account has a XML Property Feed tab, where you insert your XML feed

upload by XML feed to www.nidski.com

Click "Update feed URL" and job done!

STEP 3 - uploading property the other way

It's also possible to manually upload your ski property in your estate agent admin, as well as the details for your ski property agent profile.

Contact us today for access to our demo account to see how easy it is.

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