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Top Tips for Renting Out Your Ski Property 3rd October 2017

Top Tips for Renting Out Your Ski Property

1. Get the Price Right

Research surrounding rental ski properties to see what other owners in your area are charging so that your own rates are competitive, and accurately reflect the quality, size, location and facitilities that your ski home offers. It is perfectly fine to charge a premium rate over peak times such as Christmas, New Year and Half-Term, though you should avoid too many variations. Always show rental prices when you advertise, and try and be as inclusive with the price as possible (e.g include cleaning fees in theoverall price). The more simple and clear it is, the better.

2. Offer Good Facilties & Add an Extra Touch

As a guest, there is nothing better than walking into a holiday apartment and finding everything you need. Things like towels, linen, toiletries, kitchen basics and wifi are a must to ensure complete guest satisfaction. Going the extra mile and leaving a bottle of local wine and some cheese so they have something in the fridge when they arrive can make all the difference between a good visit and great visit!

3. Use Special Offers to Entice Guests

Discount incentives are perfect for attracting early bookings, selling off remaining weeks or encouraging guests to stay for a longer period ensuring your ski home is rented out as much as possible. The most effective discounts are between 10%-25%. 

4. Use a Personal & Engaging Property Description

Why do you love your home? How did you come to buy it? What are your favourite things about your village? Each of these personal opinions can help guests get a true sense of what is special about your ski home compared to somebody elses. By sharing with guests your individual, local knowledge you are giving them an experience that they would be unable to get anywhere else. 

5. Choose Great Pictures

The best thing you can do for your ski property rentals is to have some professional (or just very good DIY) photos taken which show the best aspects of your ski home as well as any eye-catching or interesting things which set your home apart from the rest. Posting at least 10 pictures (or up to 20!) which show all rooms inside (paying particular attention to the kitchen and bedrooms), exterior, garden and perhaps nearby facilities show guests what they are getting and increase your chances of renting. 

6. Head to Social Media to Promote It

Most people list their homes on AirBnB which is a great resource for people looking to rent their ski homes, but you can further your reach by advertsing your home on social media sites such as Facebook & Twitter. 

7. Tell People What is Special About Your Home

Is it in a traditional farmhouse? A pretty chalet? Is it next to a ski lift or on the piste? Do you offer breakfast every morning? Or have a list of all your favourite ski routes that only the locals know about? What is the one thing you offer that no one else does? Put that up-front and centre of your advertisements. 

8. Respond to Guest Enquiries ASAP

Monitor your enquiries so that you can respond to each guest within 24 hours. Leaving it longer may lead the guest to thinking you are not interested in their custom, and it gives them time to search for other properties instead of yours. Websites like AirBnB have SMS alerts to let you know when an enquiry has been received ensuring you can get back to your guests in a timely fashion. 


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